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Construction Management

As leaders in construction management, Maracon is trusted to serve as the lead authority on our projects, providing both design and construction advice. As construction managers, we are responsible for:

  • Defining the responsibilities and management structure of the project management team
  • Organizing project controls
  • Developing communication protocols
  • Identifying elements of project design that may be problematic

As construction managers, we work with the project owner and designer to provide detailed and expert advice relating to all aspects of construction. Our management process ensures the enhancement of project design and construction quality, optimizes use of available funds, provides flexibility in contracting and procurement, and mitigates delays in order to ensure the timely completion of the construction process.

Design – Build

The renowned Maracon Design-Build team is responsible for taking a project concept from detailed design approval right through to the final stages of the construction process. The Maracon Design-Build process includes:

  • Bringing design and construction professionals together in a collaborative environment to work concurrently
  • Scheduling benefits that allow projects to be completed within tight timeframes
  • Creative ways to reduce costs can be implemented without the compromise of function, allowing for greater budgetary control and increased accountability

The Design-Build approach ensures that the design and construction processes work successfully and seamlessly together.

General Contracting (Stipulated Sum)

Maracon has become well-known for general contracting services where consultants have prepared plans and construction documents and we are relied on to provide accurate cost estimates using the information provided. As part of the general contracting process, Maracon will:

  • Thoroughly review all trade tender packages and verify the scope for key aspects of the project
  • Perform comprehensive due diligence, ensuring that every facet of the construction project is reviewed
  • Provide cost estimates which are accurate, competitive and all-inclusive, ensuring that the vision and design of the project is brought to reality

Sustainable Building (LEED Certification)

Sustainable Building practices are aimed at high-performance, energy-efficient projects that guarantee cost and energy savings while contributing to a greener, healthier and more sustainable environment. Maracon is dedicated to:

  • Pursuing and implementing the latest sustainable building technologies in an effort to preserve our natural environment and become more eco-friendly
  • Furthering our vision of building green and reducing waste
  • Working with our clients during the design phase of construction to promote energy and cost saving initiates
  • Striving to exceed sustainability practices, including sourcing out environmentally friendly materials and reducing construction waste

The Canadian Green Building Council, along with the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system, have been actively redefining the footprint construction practices leave on the environment. On any project targeting LEED credentials, it is Maracon’s responsibility to manage each aspect of the project so that directed LEED goals are successfully met.

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